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"Patrick Mott recently worked with me and my colleagues at Badger High School to create a series of videos to showcase opportunities here. His professionalism throughout every facet of the project was surpassed only by the quality of the finished product. Patrick spent countless hours recording and editing our video series which is close to his heart since he is a Badger alum. I found Patrick easy to work with due to his excellent communication skills and passion for his work. Even though he met many obstacles thanks to a worldwide pandemic, Patrick exceeded our expectations every step of the way. We are proud to be able to feature our videos on our website, in our social media feeds, and in other marketing materials. The awareness they will bring in helping families choose Badger and students connecting to their school is immeasurable."

Marie Collins - Liaison | Badger High School Career & Technical Education

"I have had the pleasure of working with Patrick on several projects over the past 15 months. Patrick has been professional in all aspects of the process. He has the knowledge and skills to design and produce very high-quality projects. Patrick was always easy to work with through the entire process of each project due to his knowledge and passion."

Grant Strobel - Principal | Lake Geneva Middle School

"I hired Patrick Mott to shoot some scenics for the PGF National Championship games in Irvine, CA this past July and August. He went way beyond my expectations by shooting magnificent beaches and shore aerials on the coast of Southern California which were featured nationally live on ESPNU. His pilot skills are off the chart, navigating his drone thru the trees in Irvine to 360 capabilities. Patrick is a hard worker, who asks the right questions to seek out the best shots for your project or show. He is an overachiever. His drone work is some of the best and some say his shots take your breath away."

John Walsh - Television Producer/Director