Aerial Videography

If you're looking for high quality professional aerial video services, choose Mott Productions! From concept to completion, we are here to support, plan, and work alongside you to enhance your project. We provide aerial video for real estate listings, commercials, promotional videos, weddings, or special events. With the ability to shoot up to 5.4K video, you can rest assured your projects final product will be crystal clear. Check out our aerial video reel to the right to see our work in action. Need stock aerial footage that we've already shot? All of the video shown in the reel and much more is available for purchase. Contact us to receive a quote.

Click the video above to view our Aerial Reel

Aerial Photography

When you are looking for professional aerial photography,

we have the product to meet your needs.

  • Real Estate Listings
  • Marketing/Promotional Materials
  • Websites
  • Special Events

You can also purchase a print for your wall. Be sure to check out the store to see the wide array of images available for purchase.

American Family Field - Milwaukee, WI

Event & Promotional Videos

Do you have a special event, product, or promotion that you would like to showcase? Mott Productions has you covered. Through our network of editors, graphic designers, videographers, voice over artists, and other production talent, we produce the highest quality product. Check out an example of a recent promotional video to the right that was created for the Lake Geneva School District to give a brief overview of the programs they offer at Badger High School. Contact us today to get a quote for your project!

Click the video above to view a sample of a recent project